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Parrot Asteroid Smart

from £480 fitted inc VAT

The Parrot Asteroid Smart is a high spec radio replacement offering;

  • Sat Nav - iGo Primo installed with the option for TomTom, Navfree, Waze and many more

  • Bluetooth hands-free and Audio streaming

  • Internet connectivity with your smartphone or USB dongle

  • Android operating system for apps such as Spotify

  • FM/AM/Internet radio - Digital Radio coming soon as optional extra

  • Internet radio using Tune In app - can be operated by touchscreen, voice control or steering controls

  • Read aloud your incoming text messages and emails through your car     speakers (phone dependant)

  • Reverse and rear view camera input

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We are currently offering a service to sideload non-Parrot apps of your choice onto your Parrot Asteroid, call 01332 332546 for further info.


Please Contact Us for a quote for your vehicle and desired apps

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