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Speaker upgrades

£165-£3000 fitted inc VAT

Vehicle specific upgrade options available

Component & Coaxial options for any vehicle if we supply & fit

Hidden behind OEM grills

Lifetime warranty options available

Optional sound deadening upgrades available


Amplifier upgrades

£200-£10,000 fitted each

Vehicle specific options available

DSP amp Options - connect to OEM radio and adjust remotely

1-8 ch amps available

Lifetime warranty options available

Hidden amp options - hidden behind orginal trim


Subwoofer upgrades

£240-£2000 fitted each

Vehicle specific options available

Commercial options available - under bench or behind bench options

Under seat sub options available

Under boot floor options available

Hidden sub options available

Single or Twin options available

Lifetime warranty options available


Upgrade - £1,000-£3,000 budget

New front speakers

DSP Amp if using original radio or new radio & amp


Stage 1 sound deadening


Audiophile - £3,000-£10,000 budget

New speakers all around

DSP Amp - all speakers amplified, active and DSP controlled

Sub amp with sub level control

New radio or connected to your existing radio

Potential to add extra sources such as BT Audio or Hi-Res Audio

DSP controller for extra sound controls and presets

High end hidden subwoofer - normally spare wheel well or under floor

Stage 2-3 sound deadening depending on budget


Ultimate - £10,000-£60,000

New speakers all around

Off board DSP and multiple amplifiers

New active speakers all around, all DSP controlled

Sub level control

DSP Controller for extra sound controls and presets

Show standard build or all hidden behind false panels

All surfaces sound deadening to highest possible standard

New sources added for BT Audio, hard drive & HiRes Audio

Custom Car radio options available