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garmin dash cam suction cup


Wide range available

£130-£630 fitted inc VAT

Dash cameras are known under a variety of names;




Crashcams/crash cameras


Dashcams/dash cameras


Some popular brands which we stock include;






Road Angel



Dash cameras can be either forward facing, or front and rear.  Some rear facing cameras have an extension to see out of the rear window, others look back at the driver.


Dash cameras can come with or without a display.  Models with a display are easier to use and setup, while models without a display are smaller and easier to hide.  We prefer models with a display, as they sometimes include special features (like Safety Camera info) and act as a visual deterrant.


Some models also have a Parking Mode, which records movement in front of the camera while the engine is turned off.  Some models may need extra parts for recording while the ignition is turned off, these cost £40-£170 depending on manufacturer.


All devices are portable, although most of our customers prefer to have all cables hidden away inside the dash.  We can also install units purchased from elsewhere, although your labour charge will be higher than if you have purchased the dashcam from us.


All models are checked to not interfere with FM, DAB or GPS, unlike some  devices purchased from elsewhere.

garmin dash cam 20 mivue-manager photo-mode mio blackvue logo
blackvue 650 front blackvue 750 MiVue-618_sml
mio-mivue-698-dual-64gb-500 R30_product-image_02-LR-75 mivue-r30-500 mio-mivue-698-dual-64gb-500-8