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Clifford 330x alarm

ideal van and car security alarm

Use original remote central locking key

Flashing windscreen sticker

Proximity and/or Ultrasonic sensors

Optional shock sensor

Optional OBD Lock & relocate

Optional remote start

Optional carjacking immobiliser

Optional Smartphone control

£400-£1500 fitted inc VAT


Clifford Concept 650 II Full CAT1 Alarm

New key fobs for alarm (and central locking on certain vehicles)

Flashing windscreen sticker

Built in Proximity sensor

Optional Ultrasonics

Optional Window rollup

Optional shock sensor

Optional Remote Start

Optional Smartphone control

Optional convertible roof control

Optional OBD Lock & relocate

Optional carjacking immobiliser

£600-£2000 fitted inc VAT


MetaTrak S5 Deadlock insurance approved Tracker

3 years subscription included

Remote kill facility - immobilise car as you wish, when you've parked up for the evening or when you go on holiday - vehicle wont start even with key

ID Fob - can be setup so vehicle wont start without ID fobs

ID fobs can be set to button press or automatically within range

Perfect protection against relay attacks & key cloning

£1000 fitted inc VAT


MetaTrak VTS insurance approved Tracker

3 years subscription included

£750 fitted inc VAT


Blackjax immobiliser and anti-jacking

Car engine shuts down 1 mile after engine start or door open unless code is entered

£350-£450 fitted inc VAT


Viper 106v immobiliser CAT2

Touch fob immobiliser

£200-£450 fitted inc VAT